Soluções ideais para as suas necessidades. Os parceiros da Körber Tissue confiam em nossa presença global e em nossos equipamentos de conversão e empacotamento de rolos e dobrados de tissue que definem tendências.

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Showcase de Equipamentos

Tecnologias avançadas, suporte especializado e uma variedade de soluções de conversão e empacotamento para o mercado de rolos e dobrados de tissue, disponíveis para entrega rápida - tudo em um só lugar.



As soluções da Körber resolvem até mesmo os problemas mais complexos de conversão de rolos, enquanto aumentam a eficiência e a rentabilidade da linha.

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Produtos institucionais (AFH)



Os convertedores de Tissue consideram nossas linhas de conversão e empacotamento de dobrados, um investimento confiável e lucrativo, atendendo suas necessidades atuais e futuras.

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Customer Service

Atendimento ao Cliente

A Körber oferece treinamento, suporte técnico, análise de dados e outros serviços com valor agregado que tornam nossos equipamentos e tecnologias ainda mais eficazes.

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Digital Tissue™

Digital Tissue™

Os serviços e soluções inteligentes do Digital Tissue™ da Körber ajudam você a analisar e utilizar Big Data para maximizar a rentabilidade.

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Desenvolvimento de Produtos de Clientes

Desenvolvimento de Produtos de Clientes

O projeto, análise, prototipagem e tecnologias de gofragem da Körber promovem inovação e a diferenciação competitiva dos produtos.

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Privacy Policy

Contacts and Newsletter Privacy Policy

Who are we and what do we do with your personal data? 

Fabio Perini S.p.A. based in 55100 Lucca (LU), Via Giovanni Diodati 50, hereafter, Data Controller, protects the confidentiality of your personal data and guarantees the safeguarding required by each event that may place them at risk of violation. 
To that end, the Data Controller implements policies and practices concerning the collection and use of personal data and the exercise of the rights granted to you by the applicable regulations. The Data Controller updates its policies and practices on personal data protection every time this is necessary or when regulatory and organizational changes are made that may affect the processing of your personal data. 

The Data Controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who you may contact if you have questions about the policies and practices adopted. The Data Protection Officer's contact details are the following:

How does Fabio Perini S.p.A. collect and process your data? 

The Data Controller collects and / or receives information concerning you, such as:

  • email address 
  • name
  • surname
  • country
  • phone number 
  • employer 

These are released by filling in the forms on the website

They are used by the Data Controller to manage your request and to follow up on your subscription to the newsletter.

The communication of your personal data takes place mainly to third parties and / or recipients whose activity is necessary for the performance of the activities related to the aforementioned purposes, and also to respond to certain legal obligations. Any communication that does not respond to these purposes will be subject to your prior consent.

Your personal data will in no way be disseminated or disclosed to indeterminate entities.

The Data Controller can transfer your personal data to non-EU countries. In particular:

USA, Canada, China, Brazil - Preparation of standard contractual clauses aimed at ensuring adequate guarantees, also as regards the rights of the interested parties in relation to the extra-EU transfer of personal data.

Japan - EU-Japan adequacy decision.

Your personal information will be processed:

1) to manage your request for information

The Data Controller collects information concerning you, such as name, surname, e-mail address, country, company, telephone number issued through the "Contact us" form. They are used by the Data Controller to follow up on your request to receive information. Based on your geographical area of belonging or the content of your request, your data may be disclosed to third parties belonging to the Körber Group (e.g. sister companies) whose activity is necessary for the performance of activities related to the purpose of find your request for information (e.g. request for a quote). Any communication that does not respond to these purposes will be subject to your prior consent.

2) to subscribe to the newsletter with promotional / commercial content

With your consent, your data may be processed for sending promotional / commercial newsletters (commercial information, invitations to trade fairs, marketing, sending of company magazines) relating to products and services offered by the Data Controller. The processing of your data (such as e-mail address) can take place through:

  • e-mail.

The processing in question can be carried out if:

  1. you give your consent for the use of the data also with reference to the methods of communication, both traditional and automated, with which the processing takes place;
  2. if you have not objected to the processing and / or if, if so, you have not specifically and separately objected to the sending of communications through traditional methods and / or through automatic means

3) for the communication of your personal data to Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s sister companies, to the companies of the group and to the network of companies Tissue Italy, to which the Data Controller belongs, for independent marketing activities

With your consent, your data such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, and company may be processed for communication to the sister companies of Fabio Perini SpA, to the companies of the group and to the network of Tissue Italy companies, to which the Owner, for autonomous marketing activities concerning products and services of the recipients.

What happens if you don't provide your data?

The personal data relating to you and that identifies you is necessary in order to fulfill the request submitted by you via the “contacts” section and, if not provided, will prevent the Data Controller from fulfilling your requests.

What happens if you do not give your consent to the processing of personal data for the subscription to the newsletter with promotional / commercial content belonging to the Owner or for the communication of your personal data to the sister companies of Fabio Perini SpA, to the companies of the group and to the Tissue Italy business network, to which the Data Controller belongs, for independent marketing activities?

The processing of your personal data will not take place for these purposes. If you have given your authorization and should subsequently revoke it or oppose the processing for marketing purposes, your data will no longer be processed for marketing activities, without this having consequences or harmful effects for you.

How, where and for how long is your data stored?

The processing of data concerning you takes place through both electronic and manual means and tools made available to subjects acting under the authority of the Data Controller and authorized and trained for the purpose. Personal data is stored, in the case in electronic archives protected by effective and adequate security measures to counter the risks of violation considered by the Data Controller, for the time necessary to fulfill the information requests and to send communications of this exclusive nature which the Data Controller carries out following your request and in any case for a period not exceeding a maximum of 2 years, except in cases where events that involve the intervention of the competent Authorities occur, also in collaboration with third parties / recipients to whom the IT security activities of the Data Controller is delegated, to carry out any investigations on the causes that determined the event.
The personal data processed by the Data Controller for the purposes of subscribing to the newsletter with promotional / commercial content will be kept for 24 months by the Data Controller unless the consent you have given is revoked and / or subject to objection to the processing.

What are your rights? 

In line with the above all time limits established for the processing of personal data concerning you, the rights that are recognized allow you to always have control over your data.

Your rights are those of: 

  • access;
  • corrections;
  • cancellation;
  • limitation of processing
  • objection to processing;
  • portability

Your rights are granted to you without particular burdens and formalities in relation to the request to exercise them which is essentially understood to be free of charge. You have the right:

  • to obtain a copy, even in electronic format, of the data that you have asked to access. If you request further copies, the Data Controller may charge to you a reasonable contribution to costs;
  • to obtain the erasure of the same or the restriction of processing or even the update or rectification of your personal data and to guarantee that third parties/recipients, who have received your data, also adjust to your request, unless legitimate reasons prevail over those that determined your request (e.g. environmental surveys and containment of risk determined by the emergency managed through them by the Controller);
  • to obtain any useful communication in relation to the activities performed following the exercise of your rights without delay and in any case within one month from your request, subject to motivated extension of up to two months, which must be duly communicated to you.
  • For any further communication and in any case to submit your request, you must contact the Controller, at the address

With whom may I lodge a complaint?

Subject to any other action in the administrative or judicial venue, you may lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority or with that which performs its duties and exercises its powers in Italy where you have your habitual residence or where you work or, if different, in the Member State in which the violation of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 occurred.

Privacy policy for Customers, Suppliers, Job Applicants

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