Innovation meets expertise in every piece of Kӧrber converting, packaging, and folding equipment, for the tissue business. Industry-leading technologies and the support teams to maximize their efficiencies, help our partners keep pace with emerging trends, overcome challenges, and redefine the future of tissue with effective, efficient solutions that do the same.

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Sam Operational Solution

Körber technician monitoring production lines

The virtual line supervisor that guarantees consistent quality and performance in tissue production.

Warm-up Contactless

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Discover the latest innovation for converting and packaging developed by Körber Tissue.

Latest innovations

Latest innovations

Discover the latest innovation for converting and packaging developed by Körber Tissue.



Whether upgrading equipment or adding rolled tissue products to your line to meet demand, the partnership you choose is as important as the machinery. Körber is the trusted name in tissue manufacturing innovation. Our rewinders/winders, log saws, and advanced, custom technologies are designed to solve even the toughest production challenges while enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Fold napkins and interfold products continue to gain global popularity and dominate brand expansion. Trusted suppliers are finding it practical and profitable to add Körber converting and packaging equipment that makes it possible to offer folded product services that meet current and anticipated needs.

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Customer Service

Customer Service

Helping our partners succeed doesn’t end at the production line. We proactively lean into training, technical support, data analysis, spare parts provision, and other value-added services that make our equipment, technologies, and relationships more effective and efficient.

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Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Smart services and technical solutions combine the potential of Big Data with our field-proven technical expertise to help our partners realize maximum productivity and profitability. Our industry-leading technologies are reshaping the business models behind how tissue manufacturers go to market.

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Customer Product Development

Customer Product Development

Kӧrber is dedicated to helping our partners strategically develop innovative products that disrupt existing channels, open new markets, and create competitive differentiation. Our tissue expertise and forward-thinking technologies in design, analysis, prototyping, and embossing address current challenges and prepare our partners for sustained future success.

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Palletizing solutions

Palletizing Solutions

Palletizing systems improve manufacturing production lines, by readying goods for transport and delivery.

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Press Release

Körber Press release

Overall - 03/13/2023

Efficiency, safety and easy to use: Körber’s Technical Improvement Programs reduces the TCO

In today’s difficult market environment, reducing expenses and production time and effectively managing asset life cycles are essential factors for capital-intensive companies to…

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Overall - 02/28/2023

AI evolves to put simplicity and accuracy into focus for quality packaging inspection: Packaging Technical Theme, Körber Tissue

Körber Tissue has integrated the latest artificial intelligence to provide the most effective solution for primary packaging quality inspection. Nicolò Squarzoni, Product Manager –…

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Overall - 12/07/2022

New responsabilities within Körber Business Area Tissue

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Overall - 12/06/2022

Körber Business Area Tissue moves forward to enhance customer experience and meet their expectations in full

In a highly stimulating industry scenario with continuously evolving dynamics, Körber Business Area Tissue participation to the IT’s Tissue business network has now come to its…

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Overall - 10/25/2022

Mauro Luna takes over as President of Körber Business Area Tissue in Latin America

Mauro Luna, Global Head of Sales and Marketing for Körber Business Area Tissue, now takes over as President of Körber Business Area Tissue in Latin America.

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Overall - 10/07/2022

MIAC 2022: Körber Business Area Tissue presents its innovative ecosystem

Technology, innovation, sustainability: these are the themes of Körber Business Area Tissue’s 2022 edition of MIAC, which will take place in Lucca from 12 to 14 October in Lucca,…

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Overall - 09/28/2022

A Körber Business Area Tissue apresentará um ecossistema de soluções integradas na ABTCP 2022

A participação da empresa no 54º Congresso e Exposição Internacional de Celulose e Papel traz, pela primeira vez na América Latina, a apresentação completa da sua nova abordagem…

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Overall - 09/15/2022

On the worldwide lookout for top talents: Technology Group Körber hosts first virtual Career Week

  • Körber hosts global virtual career event from 26-30 September 2022
  • The international technology group offers deep insights into the "home for entrepreneurs" and a wide range of…

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Overall - 09/01/2022

Körber’s MTC ITF Change the interfolder with reduced energy consumption

This easy to use, patented interfolder modifies the cut-off of the product and results in significant energy savings

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Overall - 07/26/2022

South Florida Tissue Paper chooses Körber Business Area Tissue technologies to expand its business in the retail sector

In order to better approach the market, the company needed to have a technology capable of increasing capacity, versatility, and automation at every stage of the conversion process…

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Overall - 07/22/2022

75 years of innovation: Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Group with social, sustainable and innovative activities

In Brazil, the Business Area Tissue at Joinville, Santa Catarina, participated with several actions under the theme of “75 years of innovation: we are part of this history” aiming…

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Overall - 06/14/2022

Körber opens its doors to its suppliers on 15 June 2022 for Körber Italian Supplier Day

Collaboration, sustainability, and innovation: these are the topics around which the Körber Italian Supplier Day is centered

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Overall - 06/14/2022

Sunset Converting expands business and AFH private label offerings thanks to Kӧrber’s Perini MyLine and service

“Automation is in our DNA,” said Sunset Converting vice president and partner Mathieu Laferriere. “Our goal for the mill was keeping things clean, automated, well done, and…

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Overall - 06/06/2022

Körber Business Area Tissue’s R&D presents a new folding head capable of changing the product’s cut off

MTC ITF Change is the new machine for the production of interfolded products that is able to change the cut-off format of the product simply by replacing the cassette

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Overall - 06/01/2022

An electromagnetic induction system for hot embossing: a cutting-edge technology, well ahead of other roll heating systems. At iT’s Tissue 2022, Körber Business Area Tissue unveils a further evolution: Warm-up Contactless Double.

The traditional systems for heating embossing rolls using piping with hot oil or pressurized water, or with heating elements, use up large amounts of energy, have high heat…

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Overall - 05/08/2022

19 May 2022: Tissue Innovation Day - Körber Business Area Tissue invites customers and partners to discover a preview of the Körber ecosystem

Two dedicated sessions where customers will be able to preview the innovations that we will present at the next iT's Tissue.

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Overall - 05/04/2022

Tissue Summit Brazil 2022: Körber showcases its latest innovations that help shape customer success

Key decision-makers of the Brazilian tissue community gathered at the Tissue Summit Brazil 2022 conference to explore, share, and celebrate advancements in the tissue industry. The…

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Overall - 04/06/2022

Technological integration and commercial streamlining. Pillars of the new Körber ecosystem to the benefit of customers.

Thanks to an innovative approach, technologies developed by the Körber Group as well as by highly qualified external partners are integrated into a single solution embracing the…

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Overall - 03/09/2022

Körber Business Area Tissue will be present at Tissue World in Miami with solutions specifically for the packaging sector

With its longstanding experience in the tissue packaging sector and its ecosystem approach, Körber Business Area Tissue, at the Tissue World in Miami, will present new and…

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Overall - 02/24/2022

Körber Business Area Tissue presents an interfolded napkin that’s perfect for wrapping tacos

Thanks to MTC ITF omni taquera it’s possible to create facial products, towels, folded toilet paper, and taco napkins with a dispenser using one single machine

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Overall - 01/31/2022

Körber Business Area Tissue: double-digit growth, continued market leadership in Europe and North America and development of its core business in China, Latin America, and Africa

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Overall - 12/14/2021

Körber Business Area Tissue, in collaboration with the Mirco Ungaretti voluntary organization, delivers two defibrillators to the Lucca 5 Institute

Lucca, December 14, 2021 - Körber Business Area Tissue, in collaboration with the Mirco Ungaretti voluntary organization, delivered two additional defibrillators to Saltocchio…

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Overall - 11/05/2021

Deep dive into the ‘home of entrepreneurs’: Körber Group to host first 24-hour global virtual career day

Durante o Career Day da Körber, trainees e estudantes, bem como profissionais experientes, em diferentes partes do mundo, terão a oportunidade de conhecer a Körber. As equipes da…

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Overall - 09/28/2021

Körber presents Casmatic Zephyrus, a flexible and modular solution to help develop the e-commerce business and transition to sustainable packaging

Casmatic Zephyrus is a flexible solution consisting of four modules that can be integrated into existing packaging lines: the first module constructs the boxes, the second receives…

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Overall - 09/21/2021

75 years of innovation for customers: Körber donates 75,000 Euro to charity. Italian charities benefit too through Business Area Tissue.

On its 75th anniversary, the international technology group Körber supports 75 local projects and organizations worldwide with a monetary donation of 1,000 Euros each. In an…

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Overall - 08/05/2021

Körber dona 10.000 mascherine compostabili in fibra di bambù al festival culturale “Stanno tutti bene”

Anche per il 2021 Körber offre il suo supporto per la sicurezza durante la rassegna culturale “Stanno Tutti Bene” e dona 10.000 mascherine al festival che si svolge nelle vigne di…

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Overall - 07/22/2021

Lucart chooses Kӧrber integrated solutions to guarantee quality and performance even in packaging

Designed to reach production speeds of up to 27 bags per minute, Casmatic CMB270 is able to pack in a high range of formats. Synonymous with quality and reliability, these machines…

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Overall - 07/08/2021

Syassky PPM expands its business in the Fold sector thanks to the production lines for interfolded products and Kӧrber’s Customer Service

Syassky PPM has identified the MTC ITF Towel, Automatic interfolding line for the production of V-folded Hand Towels, as the best solution for its market needs.

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Overall - 06/28/2021

Warm-up Contactless, Körber’s breakthrough innovation and the first ever to use electromagnetic induction heating for embossing. A real market revolution!

Körber has found a solution to market challenges with a safe product that saves time, energy, and space.

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Overall - 06/10/2021

OL Papeis increases its competitiveness in the tissue market by acquiring a complete Körber packaging line

The Casmatic Twopack, is an optimized, customized and flexible Körber solution with great cost-benefit, matching perfectly with OL Papéis’ needs.

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Overall - 06/09/2021

Körber presents the first Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution developed specifically for tissue converters that increases production efficiency by optimizing resources and reducing waste

TMOM is a complete solution that allows real-time control of the four areas in the factory: production (MES), quality, maintenance, intralogistics, and warehouse processes.

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Overall - 06/01/2021

Nova Papers increases the OEE by 50% with eco-sustainable products and excellent value for money

"Our aim was complex: on the one hand we wanted to preserve our environmentally responsible values to differentiate ourselves on the shelf, on the other we had to consider costs.…

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Overall - 05/12/2021

Complete, sustainable, and online: Körber’s Spare Parts allows delivery customers within 24 hours in up to 97% of cases thanks to four logistics hubs around the world

The tissue industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and maintaining and improving production efficiency by trying to limit unscheduled downtime as much as possible is a…

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Overall - 04/30/2021

Sam Operational Solution, the virtual line supervisor that guarantees consistent quality and performance in tissue production

The tissue industry is facing unprecedented pressures that especially concern pulp price volatility, fierce competition in global markets, and the need for greater product…

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Overall - 04/20/2021

Faderco records + 40% OEE thanks to Körber’s integrated solutions for converting and packaging

Increasing profitability and production of tissue products, including sustainable ones, in a rapidly growing market: this is the challenge, accepted by Körber Business Area Tissue,…

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Overall - 03/05/2021

Körber partnered with voluntary organization Mirco Ungaretti to deliver a defibrillator to the ISI Pertini School in Lucca

Körber and the voluntary organization Mirco Ungaretti have delivered a semi-automatic defibrillator to the ISI Pertini School in Lucca, thus equipping the school and the area with…

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Overall - 02/22/2021

Mauro Luna is Körber Tissue’s new Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Mauro Luna joined the company in 2019 as Global Head of Sales at the Körber Business Area Tissue, and will now also be in charge of marketing.

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Overall - 02/18/2021

Hayat Kimya leverages Körber integrated converting and packaging solutions to advance premium tissue growth in Russian market

As part of its strategic response to the increasing demand, Hayat Kimya is expanding its production in Turkey and Russia with the installation of multiple Perini Constellation™ S8…

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Overall - 02/15/2021

Giovacchino Giurlani is the new managing director of Körber Tissue’s Fold division

Giovacchino Giurlani is the new Managing Director of the Fold division of Körbers Business Area Tissue, the most advanced and complete supplier in the world of technologies…

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Overall - 01/27/2021

Safe return to the classroom: nearly 70,000 masks donated by Körber were distributed to high school students by the local Civil Protection

Körbers Business Area Tissue’s mask donations continue. Thanks to the help of the Civil Protection of the Province of Lucca, high school classrooms in Lucca have already received…

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Overall - 01/11/2021

Seamless and timely customer support combined with leading innovations - Körber Business Area Tissue increases sales and orders in 2020

Over the course of this year the Tissue market evolved significantly: the uncertainty of the cost of pulp, the high competitiveness of the market, and the upheavals created by the…

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Overall - 11/30/2020

Surgical masks and biodegradable bamboo masks: a combination that is 99.8% effective against coronavirus

Laboratory tests have shown how the patented Körber Tissue Myfaceroll masks, worn together with surgical ones, increase the effectiveness and duration of protection.

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Overall - 10/14/2020

Tissue specialists of the Körber Group now offer unique portfolio under a common brand

Synergy between tissue companies will meet customers increased needs for speed, choice and technologically advanced solutions.

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